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Is it possible to learn how to sing completely in 30 days like some advertisements promise?

No. If someone is telling you that you can learn how to sing technically great in one month of time, they are not telling you the truth. It takes dedication and consistent practice over time to really master your voice. I tell my students they will notice a big difference within 4-6 months. Skokstudio asks students to enroll for a year so that progress can be made.

Can I come and go from lessons and still progress?

Weekly lessons are needed to make steady, forward progress. Students cannot consistently progress coming only occasionally. Skokstudio offers regular weekly lessons through enrollment for students to be able to advance. Skokstudio does however offer the occasional lesson to professional singers who been evaluated through open registration. These are lessons for established professional singers who are unable to enroll.

Can problems with my voice and technical issues be solved?

Yes. Heidi Skok has worked her way out of technical problems that included nodes. She has switched from soprano to mezzo and has solved technical issues in other singers including nodes, helping others to switch voice parts and learn how to understand how their voice functions. It is because of the deep vocal struggles that Heidi Skok endured, that she has such a depth of knowledge and understanding of the voice. She has worked with hundreds of voices over the years and has helped find the way for many voice users.

What kind of equipment will I need for on-line lessons?

Skokstudio loans the necessary equipment to Enrolled students which includes blue tooth headphones, and an external microphone. Our tech expert Jim schedules a testing session online with each singer to ensure that the equipment is properly set up and functioning to our high standards. Each singer is instructed in detail how to configure settings and make the best quality learning experience to Skokstudio for on-line lessons on our Zoom platform.

How much do vocal lessons at Skokstudio cost?

Skokstudio offers a Vocal Evaluation on-line or in-person that gives a student the ability to demonstrate their skills and talent and to discuss their goals with Heidi Skok. On-line half hour Vocal Evaluations are $25.00 and in-person Vocal Evaluations are $20.00. Skokstudio encourages Enrollment for one year so that steady and strong progress on the voice can be made. Skokstudio Enrolled students receive lessons through Subscription packages that are renewable each month, bi-monthly, quarterly or every six months. The more lessons you purchase in your subscription, the more of a discount you receive. Ad-hoc lessons through Open Registration are offered without the Enrollment discount.

What’s the difference between On-line voice lessons and In-studio voice lessons?

There is NO difference, other than the fact that “In-studio” lessons are taught in-person, physically in the studio at Skokstudio, on location at 8789 Mentor Avenue in Mentor, Ohio with Heidi Skok, but Online lessons are delivered via Zoom to the comfort of your own home, utilizing the Enhanced Online Toolkit equipment that Skokstudio loans to all Enrolled students.

The benefit of on-line lessons with Skokstudio is that the student can take the lessons from anywhere in the world and still receive the same incredible training experience that they would get in-studio.  The training and content that is taught to each student whether in-person or on-line, is the same. Both Online and In-studio students receive the REST Toolkit that Master Instructor Heidi Skok uses to teach her Lilli-Rose Vocal Technique when the Enroll in private lessons at Skokstudio.

Do I receive any items when I Enroll to study with Skokstudio either on-line or in-person?

Yes, Enrolled students do. Skokstudio will give you either in person or through the mail. Students receive the REST Toolkit that Heidi Skok uses to teach singers from a program she has created to teach technique to singers and voice users. You will also receive a Skokstudio t-shirt, a Skokstudio tote bag, and a Skokstudio binder to house music and papers.

Online students will also receive the Enhanced Online Toolkit, containing a microphone, headphones, and a pop-filter, on loan from the studio.

Both Toolkits are also available for purchase independently by Open-Registration students, and the Enhanced Online Toolkit may also be purchased by In-studio students to permit the occasional lesson from home.

Why do I need to take lessons if I can already sing?

Everyone needs to learn how their voice technically works even if they are a good natural singer. Because if they don’t and they are working on rep that is really challenging they can run into problems with their voice. Over time, with a lot of singing for long periods, fatigue can set in, problems can surface and voices can stop working properly. Every singer at some point is going to have to really learn how to technically use their voice or they will have to learn their way out of a problem. Relying on natural talent is not smart and is not a good and solid foundation.

What is special about taking voice lessons from an instructor who is a Veteran singer, such as Heidi Skok?

Heidi Skok has had a HUGE vocal journey of all kinds of experiences. She has had to learn for herself how her voice works even though she had some wonderful vocal help over the years from a handful of good teachers. It’s a very good thing to work with a Veteran singer and teacher who has the in-depth, personal experience of working herself free from vocal problems and issues and to take the steps towards really gaining the solid vocal technique that she has today.  Heidi Skok has LIVED the journey. Heidi Skok, because she sang in the wrong vocal range for so long, experienced an array of problems that included nodes because was she singing in the wrong range, over and over again for years. This is how she discovered she really was not a soprano. She had to work her way through all of the challenges to gain this incredibly valuable understanding and knowledge of her voice. Teachers who have actually experienced trouble for themselves and fought through the trenches to solve their vocal problems make the best teachers. These experiences have made Heidi Skok extremely knowledgeable, with over 25 years of experience singing with the highest leveled singers from all over the world.

Heidi has the ability to plug formal vocal technique into all genres. She creatively teaches by uniquely incorporating the use of a variety of auxiliary tools that she has researched and applied to vocal development. Heidi Skok is patient and able to explain concepts in many different ways so that the student can understand and put the work into action. Her experience allows her to insightfully determine a student’s present needs at their current state of vocal development, and to precisely meet the needs that are being presented to her.

Will I gain confidence and stage presence working with Skokstudio?

Yes, you will. Heidi Skok works to make you strong and accepting of your own talent, all of your abilities and your freedom to express and love yourself. Singers and voice users must love themselves first and foremost in order for their talent and vocal abilities to be freely used. Heidi Skok works on presentation skills and instills in each voice user a love for expressing themselves to the world.

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