Holiday Specials

Check out our special promotional offer for our Welcome Packages.

Holiday Offer Details

What do students get?

  • Start now at Skokstudio with a Welcome Package discount of 33% off the standard price of lessons (20% off of the package price) for one year if students enroll after the first introductory month of lessons!
  • Promotional rate is $100/hr (a 20% discount from $125, which is also a 33% discount from $150).
  • Applicants also get a FREE REST™ Toolkit to welcome you to your first month of private lessons
  • Students also get a Free Vocal Evaluation both upon entry and completion of the Welcome Package
  • Students who then decide to enroll in lessons immediately after completing the Welcome Package also receive the additional Bonus of having NO REGISTRATION FEE to enroll in their first year of lessons!
  • There is no additional fee to apply and no agreement to sign to participate, but students agree to accept the policies and procedures defined the Student Handbook at the time of payment and Checkout.
  • Students may be offered the opportunity to continue to re-enroll every six or twelve months after the first year but must pay the normal enrollment registration fee for the length of time they choose to enroll.

What will you learn?

  • Breath exercises
  • Breath support exercise
  • Chest voice exercises
  • Head voice exercises
  • Mixing the head and chest voices
  • Genre specific repertoire and exercises

What will you need?

You must have your own computer, webcam, acceptable mic and headphone equipment. You can also purchase the Enhanced Online Equipment Toolkit for $180. Students must pay the package fee in full at the time of signing up.

What do you need to do to apply?

Scroll down the page to take a look at our welcome packages. Pick one and click the register button. You will be redirected to a online questionaire about yourself and your journey. Once you submit the form, we will be in contact with you in shortly.


Choose a Welcome Package

New Beginner

(30 min Tech) x 4 weeks

$250 NOW: $200


(30 min Tech + 30 min Rep) x 4 weeks 

$500   NOW: $400


(60 min Tech + 30 min Rep) x 4 weeks

$750   NOW: $600

Intermediate Intensive

(60 min Tech + 60 min Pro Rep) x 4 week

$1000 NOW: $800


(30 min Tech + 60 min Rep) x 4 weeks

$750   NOW: $600